Dr. Joel L. Etra, SLPD, CCC
Speech-language pathology
Speech, our most human quality.
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Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation
Evaluation of expressive and receprive language, articulation. voice, and fluency including a complete written report. All results and recommendation are fully explained to you. 
Dr. Joel L. Etra, SLPD, CCC Services
At Dr. Joel L. Etra, SLPD, CCC, we take care to provide high quality services personalized for unique needs.
Speech-Language Therapy
Treatment of all disorders of speech, voice, and communication and swallowing.
Second Opinion
Not sure your child is getting appropeiate services from school?
we will review the Individualizd Education Plan (IEP); perform addirional evaluation as needed; and make reccomandions.
We also help you through the appeal peocess.